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Team Hoss Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $125,000.00
Total Raised: $132,691.38

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 150
Members Recruited: 91

Join our team and help us support the cause!The 36th Annual Prouty and the 10th Annual Prouty Ultimate will be held on July 7 and 8, 2017 in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Through the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Prouty, you support Cancer Center researchers and clinicians who are working on innovative ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and hopefully, one day, cure cancer. You also support important patient services that would otherwise not be funded.

All money raised helps to support cancer research and patient services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center, one of only 47 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute for excellence in cancer research, care and community outreach. Research conducted here informs patient treatment around the world.

Team Members:
Total Raised$132,691.38  
General Team Donation$1,178.76  
Doug Lewis$3,570.63  
Tucker Lewis$80.00  
   David Allen$225.00  
   Gary Annis$8,562.50  
   Mark Annis$503.75  
   Brenda Balenger$3,349.38  
   Jay Ballou$150.00  
   Jeanne Barner$150.00  
   Stephen Barner$300.00  
   Sahara Bebo$0.00  
   Todd Bebo$100.00  
   Robin Bebo Long$203.13  
   Nancy Brink$100.00  
   Tom Brink$202.50  
   Sandye Carpenter$0.00  
   Marcin Chabros$300.00  
   Charles Ciambra$470.50  
   Kenneth Coe$150.00  
   Marie Cole$403.75  
   JD Cross$0.00  
   Josie Cross$0.00  
   Jeremy Cross Sr.$0.00  
   Dan Dale$3,352.26  
   Cole Daniels$0.00  
   Rick Davis$150.00  
   Barry Delphia$3,503.75  
   Julie Delphia$76.25  
   Paul Detwiler$13,517.50  
   Sandra Filiault$826.03  
   Jeffrey Findeisen$13,274.63  
   Wayne Flanagan$2,856.25  
   Jenny Gelfan$2,591.15  
   Josh Gregg$150.00  
   Claude Guay$165.00  
   Ian Hewitt$0.00  
   Hale Irwin$7,287.28  
   Lauren Kaija$50.00  
   Lisa Kaija$150.00  
   Kristine Karlson$2,477.21  
   jay kelly$0.00  
   Brenda Knight$647.50  
   James Knight$392.50  
   Jim Kotorac$100.00  
   Rita Kotorac$200.00  
   David Kovacs$3,662.50  
   henry Kovacs$0.00  
   Pam Kovacs$1,300.00  
   Mark Krautheim$150.00  
   Larry Krupp$150.00  
   Todd LaFlamme$150.00  
   Vicki LaFlamme$150.00  
   Suzanne Lee-Ciambra$500.50  
   Deborah Lefebvre$603.38  
   Brooks Lewis$0.00  
   Courtney Lewis$102.25  
   Dani Lewis$0.00  
   Danial Lewis$150.00  
   Kellan Lewis$352.50  
   Kyle Lewis$250.00  
   Leslie Lewis$0.00  
   Lora Lewis$0.00  
   Carl McCuaig$5,510.57  
   Mary McCuaig$300.00  
   Brian McGinty$150.00  
   Rosemary McGinty$200.00  
   David Murray$150.00  
   John O'Grady$150.00  
   Kara Beth O'Grady$637.00  
   Lauren O'grady$100.00  
   Patrick O'Grady$100.00  
   Patrick O'Grady$497.48  
   Tom O'Grady$11,354.50  
   Andy Olanoff$7,944.15  
   Leslie Olanoff$0.00  
   Andrea Ondak$407.50  
   Jim Ondak$1,225.00  
   Gary Perkins$4,521.14  
   Susan Perkins$383.13  
   David Priest$150.00  
   Matt Reingold$200.00  
   Stacy Reingold$202.25  
   John Roberts$2,128.75  
   Hali Roy$321.25  
   Benjamin Sheehan$0.00  
   Bud Spaulding$0.00  
   David Stiger$15,910.31  
   david wall$150.63  
   Miriah Wall$25.00  
   PENNY WEBSTER$330.63  
   Rock Webster$200.00  
   Tom Whalen$153.75  

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