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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $150,000.00
Total Raised: $146,097.28

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 80
Members Recruited: 60

The ascent on Gove Hill, mile 90 of the Dirty Project!

Started in 2015 as 'the Dirty Prouty', this 108+ mile, 11,400+ feet of total elevation gain, Vermont dirt road ride was offered under the 'Virtual Prouty' banner as an extreme tough-option to the all-paved Prouty road ride options (25, 50, 100 and 200 mile 'Ultimate') for those people who wanted to suffer AND raise money for the the Norris Cotton Cancer Center Prouty fund-raising event.

The 2015 'Dirty Prouty' ride had 25+ brave souls; in 2016 we were up to 55. The idea is to keep this a small, passionate, focused and for-the-fun of it "bad-ass" ride, at the same time generate a pile of cash for a worthy cause - currently the Prouty, but moving forward our mandate may change as others in need reach out to us - with the ride being the mechanism for drawing donors in. The 2017 ridership will be limited to 80; the fund-raising effort will be toward the Prouty; early registration is important not only because of the ridership limit but also early registration and donations means that we can take advantage of the (potential) Byrne Foundation match, which typically takes place during the month of April.

Primarily we are good-hearted people with a passion for biking and pushing ourselves but with this ride we extend our passion beyond ourselves to benefit others.

The 'Dirty' part? Well, there's 80+ miles of unpaved Vermont dirt roads to travel on. We think the dictionary is redundant here.

Team Members:
Total Raised$146,097.28  
General Team Donation$305.00  
Brian Nolan$25,090.60  
   Christopher Baker$300.00  
   mike barton$900.00  
   Richard Batten$1,100.00  
   Sam Beck$12,589.15  
   Barney Brannen$8,000.00  
   Lou Bregou$1,010.00  
   Eric Cohen$253.75  
   Edgar Costa$50.00  
   Stuart Coulter$952.50  
   Timothy Cox$450.00  
   Lance Coyle$300.00  
   Richard crate jr$354.14  
   Robert Crawford$475.00  
   Richard Drummond$1,300.00  
   Russell Faux$4,539.76  
   Ken French$20,000.00  
   Eric Furstenberg$822.00  
   lee gresham$150.00  
   Charles Hackett$1,510.00  
   George Hanna$627.25  
   Byron Haynes$11,423.75  
   Matthew Hennessy$850.00  
   Todd Holland$273.54  
   Robert Holley$3,436.29  
   Tom Hulleberg$1,310.00  
   Luke Joanis$5,237.56  
   Kirk Kardashian$1,100.04  
   joshua landis$300.00  
   jeff lee$200.00  
   Keith Lewandoski$900.00  
   Britton Mann$3,585.02  
   Kim Martineau$300.00  
   Paul Mattison$0.00  
   Scott May$1,165.00  
   Brian McLaughlin$189.39  
   Edward Meyer$395.00  
   Alan Moats$700.00  
   Anthony Moccia$1,300.00  
   Hamish Morrin$150.00  
   John Munoz$515.00  
   Jonathan Nelson$355.00  
   Scott Nichols$712.50  
   Alix Norris$515.00  
   Jesse Norris$515.00  
   Michael O'Neil$6,290.00  
   Chuck Officer$1,003.75  
   Karen Page$0.00  
   Robert Panzera$153.75  
   Jamie Pelletier$1,100.00  
   Don Powers$300.00  
   James Pratson$1,505.00  
   Jim Predmore$100.00  
   Shannon Purcell$350.00  
   Matt Regan$150.00  
   Ethan Rouen$300.00  
   Eli Weitzman$50.00  
   Peter Weitzman$900.00  
   Mary Zider$300.00  
   Earl Zmijewski$17,087.54  

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